Volvo | The Choice

To better understand the type of person who might want to drive a new Volvo, we conducted a social experiment that explored the differences between those who embrace the future...and those who fear it.

Prefer brevity? Here’s the TL;DR version:

Volvo believes that to make better cars, they need a better understanding of the people who drive them.

We pulled 100 people into a room with two doors and asked them to make a choice: the exit or the unknown? We filmed the experiment, interviewed each person about their decision, and partnered with Vox to provide more context and insight. 

Volvo x Vox

We partnered with Vox to create a series of videos and articles that get to the bottom of how people make decisions and why. 

1. Read the Main Article

2. Take Our Poll: Can you predict who will embrace the future?

3. Watch a video about How Brains Make Decisions

4. Watch a video about the Benefits of Being Optimistic


• Over 100 people participated
• About 2/3rds of particpants chose Door 1, the unknown
• 4 million people viewed the hero video
• 10% of viewers watched ALL 9 MINUTES
• We received 2,500 reactions on social media

Role: Creative Director/Copywriter
Agency: Grey
ECD: Matt O'Rourke
AD/ACD: Neil MacLean
Agency Partner: Vox Creative
Production Company: Uppercut
Editor: Tyrone Rhabb