Verizon | Inspire Her Mind

An integrated campaign and digital platform that empowered people to do something small to make a big difference.

Our ambitious goal: Change the ratio in male-dominated STEM fields.
 We created a platform that inspires parents to expose girls to STEM subjects. It all came from a simple insight: the words we use have a powerful affect on girls’ aspirations. By changing a few little things we do, we can make a big impact on girls’ futures. 

We provoked people to take action.

To empower a new generation of female leaders, we partnered with MAKERS to introduce girls to new female role models, provide content and tools that inspire, and give people tangible ways to make a difference for the girls in their lives.  

We developed one-of-a-kind interactive videos that show two different paths.

Interactive videos ask people to choose her path: Scrub the slider one way to watch her journey down an expected path, or scrub the other to see what could happen when she's exposed to STEM.

We made Social Cards, letting anyone join in our cause.  

We didn’t want to be the only ones taking action. So we helped people start a conversation about getting more girls in STEM in their own networks.

We inspired girls with role models, not runway models. 

Videos, categorized by STEM subject, feature women explaining what it's like breaking into a male-dominated career and what's so cool about what they do.

We received a lot of press...

Including AdWeek’s Ad of the Day.

FB COO Sheryl Sandberg sent a personal message of appreciation.

The social response was inspiring.

Agency: AKQA
GCD: Sung Chang
CD: Alison Tsoi
ACD/AD: Mara Lecocq
ACD/CW: Nathan Archambault
Director: Samuel Bennets