TV Ads & Online Videos

A few old TV spots and online videos I still like today.


Like every other retailer, PetSmart has trouble competing with the internet. So we gave pet lovers a good reason to stop by a store instead of ordering online: Every time you buy a bag of pet food, PetSmart donates a meal to a dog in need. And this video explains how it works in the cutest way possible.


NBC Universal

When a kid thinks hard, you can see it. That’s the super cute insight we used to launch Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave. It’s the first kids show with a companion app that lets kids answer questions asked by characters on the show.

To produce an ad that isn’t as annoying as a kid’s show, we used another insight: Parents are the ones with the remote. So we made an ad for parents, breaking through the child-like clutter and convincing them to flip to Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave.



I developed a new design treatment for Sonos that visualizes how their speakers fill your home with sound. This style is now used across platforms and channels, helping the brand look as good as it sounds.