Nathan Archambault

Creative Director. Copywriter. Author.

Samsung | Home of the Future

To promote Samsung’s bold new blueprint for tomorrow’s smart home, we turned to the world's oldest mass media: the book. 

Four books, each touching on a different theme, fit snugly in a sleeve – and let people choose their favorite cover. 

The die-cut creates one perspective when a book is in the sleeve and another when it’s removed.

A thread throughout the four books is collaboration – that to build the home of the future Samsung and other tech companies will need to work together. To continue the collaboration, we partnered with different illustrators to create the cover of each book.

Book 1: The Home of the Future

Cover illustration by Jing Zhang

Book 2: Providing Peace of Mind

Cover illustration by Josh Cochrane

Book 3: Opening Up Possibilities

Cover illustration by Studio Muti

Book 4: Understanding Wants and Needs

Cover illustration by Dan Matutina

Look inside

The different ways that technology will reinvent our homes is covered in 100 pages and 10,000 words, while only featuring the word 'Samsung' five times.

IFA Keynote

At the IFA tech conference in Germany – Europe’s version of CES – Samsung gave the book to everyone at their ‘Home of the Future’ keynote.

Social posts

Promoting the book and Samsung’s vision, we created social posts that let everyone know how are homes are changing.

Agency: Leo Burnett NY
Client: Samsung
ECD, Managing Partner: Kieran Antill
ACD Art/Lead Designer/Illustrator: Stian Ward Bugten
ACD Copy/Author: Nathan Archambault
Designer/Illustrator: Eing Omathikul
Executive Producer: Jeremy Fox
Cover Illustrations: Jing Zhang, Josh Cochran, MUTI and Dan Matutina