(RED) | New Business Model

(RED) made it their goal to deliver an AIDS FREE GENERATION. This ambitious goal wasn't something they could accomplish by simply updating their site, launching a new marketing campaign, or partnering with more brands to create new (RED) products.

For a goal this big, they needed a new approach that didn't rely on selling (RED) products. So we reinvented how peope give to the world’s coolest cause. 

See where the money goes.
For the first time, when you bought something, you could see exactly where the money went: the number of pills, hours of education, or number of treatments produced by your donation.

Donate without buying.
Before, you had to buy a (RED) product to help. Now, you can make a donation without making a purchase.

Learn what (RED) does.
While everyone knows and loves (RED), few people understood the specifics of what they do or how they operate.

Agency: AKQA
ACD/AD: Brett Lareau
Account Lead: Ryan Lindholm