Prudential | Race For Retirement

2016 D&AD Impact Award • 2018 Effie Award for Sustained Success

How do you convince people to save more for tomorrow, today? With an event and integrated campaign that treats retirement like the important cause that it is.

We inspired thousands of people to run 4.01K for their 401(k). 

Too many Americans aren't saving enough for retirement. So we showed people the power of saving a little more...1% more, to be exact.

Creating TV spots, we turned the race course into the latest Prudential experiement.

Gates throughout the race put saving more in perspective. By the end of the race, everyone was running through the YES gate, saying they could save 1% more for retirement.  

The race was only one piece of the retirement puzzle.

We helped runners learn more about saving for retirement with a series of games and activities, including a concert to wrap things up.

The event kicked off a national integrated campaign.

We used the momentum of the Race to kick off a multiplatform campaign that inspired people across the country to save 1% more for retirement, including TV spots that started running two weeks later.

The campaign changed how people looked at retirement by positioning it as a very important cause that needs your attention.

We partnered with MapMyFitness so that anyone, anywhere, could run a 4.01K for their 401(k). 

All added up, runners saved over $1 billion for their retirements. 

Within a month, tens of thousands of Americans had pledged to save 1% more, adding up to over $1 billion for their future selves.

Before the national campaign, we created a separate local campaign that convinced runners in DC to sign up.

To throw an event this big, we needed runners. So we developed a campaign that had its own unique tone of voice and look & feel. 

After the race, our country is more prepared for retirement. 

Nearly 200,000 people have run a total of 486,000 miles to raise awareness for America's retirement challenge. Collectively, their pledges to save more could grow to over $1 billion in additional retirement savings.

The message didn’t just connect with runners—it resonated throughout the entire DC community. 

• 73% said the Race for Retirement raised their awareness of the importance of actively contributing to a retirement plan
• 20% said they spoke to others about the importance of saving for retirement
• 10% of said they began contributing to a 401(k) plan
• 17% said they increased their retirement contributions
• 20% said they intended to increase their retirement contributions

Beyond DC, the Race for Retirement gave the press a lot to talk about... and earned a D&AD Impact Award.

Agency: Droga5
ECD: Kevin Brady
Creative Lead/AD: Andy Grant
Creative Lead/CW: Nathan Archambault
Broadcast Production Company: Reset
Editorial: Work Editorial
Post Production: The Mill
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