Michelob ULTRA | Team ULTRA

As a Creative Lead at AnalogFolk, I helped Michelob ULTRA inspire people to get active and spread joy by overseeing Team ULTRA: a real-life ‘team’ of athletes and influencers that came to life through social content, in-person events, custom gear, UGC, and more.  

Step 1: Recruit

We invited anyone who plays sports for fun to join our network of athletes and influencers on Team ULTRA. 

Step 2: Reward

When rec league teams helped us spread joy by renaming their team Team ULTRA, we hooked them up with the Play For ULTRA Collection. Like any sensible fashion brand, we launched with a Lookbook featuring our athletes and influencers.

Step 3: Celebrate

When you’re part of Team ULTRA, you never know what joy will show up next. We just might show up at one of your rec league games with beer, a marching band, and a Cheer Squad, turning it into a big league event.

Step 4: Repeat

Throughout the year, we created non-stop content with our athletes and influencers that brought joy to moments where it was needed most, like Daylight Saving Time, Earth Day, the Olympics, and the NYC Marathon.

Here are a few favorites.

Daylight Saving Time:
Rise & Grind

When clocks sprung forward, leaving athletes with one less hour of sleep and more darkness when they wake up, we created Rise & Grind: a series of workouts to do in bed, before you get out of it.


The NYC Marathon:
Run With ULTRA

We turned the NYC marathon into a starting line, inspiring people who wanted to take up running to join our Team ULTRA training program.

There was a ton more, but if you want to see what they are you’ll have to join Team ULTRA.

Agency: Analogfolk 
Creative Director: Nathan Archambault
Sr. Copywriter: Mike Lipton 
Design & Art Direction: Claudeland Louis, Kaiqi Cai, Katrina Lenzly
Producer: Talia Nutting
Account: Emily Walsh