Lincoln | Feel The Joy

2020 Webby Awards Honoree •  2020 One Show Shortlist • 2020 NY Festivals Shortlist

Imagine the holidays without music. Then try to imagine what it would be like to experience music for the first time. As a brand that believes in creating the best experiences for everyone, Lincoln helped Noah experience something he’d never felt before.

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What an amazing kid. Noah wants to be the first professional deaf soccer player... if he doesn’t decide to become an actor instead. Thanks to the Kaputska family, Ryan and Francesa at SoundShirt, and everyone else who came together to bring this project to life.  

Agency: Hudson Rouge
CCO: Jon Pearce
Creative Director: Nathan Archambault
Art Director: Charlotte Frank
Copywriter: Elizabeth Swartz
Producer: Deanna Shenn
Production: Park Pictures
Director: Christian Weber
Music: Amber
Edit: Cosmo Street 
Editors: Marlo Caine and Josh Berger
Post Production: The Mill
Partner: CuteCircuit