I approach advertising like a ballerina taking the stage...

...with nimble grace and humble strength. Except I dress in plaid, not sequins. I’m quick on my feet, down to adapt, and flexible enough to pirouette between high concept campaigns and purpose-driven platforms. As the choreography continues to evolve, my goal stays the same: bring brands and the right audiences closer together using strong concepts, smart tech, and sound strategy.

I make things outside the office – like a Clapping Clock that celebrates frontline workers and  Rox’s Secret Code, a picture book that inspires girls to code – because staying fresh matters.

Having been around for 14+ years, I’ve done it all. TV spots and online films, websites and mobile apps, print ads and OOH, content strategy and social content, branded entertainment and experiences for brands. Next time you have a problem that needs to be solved, whatever it is – we should chat. 

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